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We are always happy to receive your comments and suggestions to further improve the treatment and care for future mothers.

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Maternity - Kingfisher & Joan Booker Wards

On Saturday 2nd May 2015 my partner and I started our journey into parenthood together in the Kingfisher Ward. Our midwives where where nothing short of amazing. They are an attribute to the NHS and St Peters. They made the whole birth experience the best it could be and looked after Mum and even me.

I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough.

May 2015


"Excellent care"

I gave birth to my third child at the labour ward. This was a much better than my previous experience at giving birth at St Peter's five years ago - the maternity unit and staff have really improved. From arrival to discharge, I was surrounded by caring and professional staff. The midwife during labour and delivery was amazing, really knew their stuff and made it a lovely and stress-free experience - can't thank them enough!

April 2015


"The care was exceptional"

My daughter had been nervous of medical intervention for the delivery of her first baby, but from the moment she was transferred to the Labour Ward, the care was exceptional. The staff combined competence and skill with warmth and kindness and my daughter's fear was quickly removed. The care she received, and that of her baby, was second to none. I was very, very impressed.

NHS Choices - February 2015


"Excellent service could not have asked for a better team"

I had my baby in November in the labour ward. I could not have asked for a better team to make my delivery more comfortable.

I had the best care and was treated like family.

Many thanks to the midwives for the motherly love, and to the nurse and doctors for making my 16 hours of labour as comfortable as possible .

NHS Choices - December 2014


"Fantastic experience for a first time mum!"

My husband and I wanted to say a huge thank you to the whole staff team at St Peters maternity department for the help, support and care given before, during and after the birth of our son.

We have not had many dealings with St Peters previously as we had just moved into the area and we were a little bit apprehensive but we are so pleased to be able to say wholeheartedly that those fears were completely unnecessary.

Although it was obvious that the department was extremely busy we always felt that the staff had the time to listen to all of our questions and concerns no matter how trivial or how often they must have heard the same questions from nervous first-time parents.

As a first time mum who was being induced early due to slight complications and who knew nothing about childbirth everything was explained clearly and fully to me, my wishes and concerns were always listened too and I was treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Nothing was too much trouble and what could have been a very stressful experience was made 100 times easier due to the compassion and care from the whole team.

We would like to give a special thank you to the midwife who delivered our little boy, for her help and lightning quick reactions when our little one had a bit of trouble after delivery.

Also a huge thank you to all the midwives who came to his speedy rescue. We are in awe if the amazing work you all do and we will never forget the top quality care both my son and I received. We are extremely grateful to everyone.

NHS Choices - November 2014


"Excellent care received from the maternity team"

I recently had my baby at St Peter's and received excellent care throughout. When I arrived at the hospital at 9.30pm I was welcomed into the Abbey Birthing Centre by a midwife who examined me straight away. She had concerns that my baby was breech so within minutes I was examined by a second midwife and then taken up to the labour ward for a scan.

I didn't have to wait long at all for the scan to take place but unfortunately it revealed my baby was in the breech position after all so I would need a Caesarean section.

The procedure was quickly but thoroughly explained to me by the surgeon and midwife and I was taken straight in for surgery as my labour was progressing quickly.

I could not fault the care I received from the midwives in the birthing centre or the team up in the labour / delivery ward. They also did a great job of keeping my husband reassured and informed. My baby boy was delivered safely at 11.22pm. The care I received in the post natal ward was also excellent.

If I had one constructive criticism to make it would be to ask that staff have more training in diagnosing tongue tie.

I had initial difficulty breast feeding my baby and asked numerous different members of staff if my baby had a tongue tie but I was informed that he didn't. A 70% tongue tie was however diagnosed after I was discharged from hospital by a community midwife.

I would certainly recommend St Peters to any mums to be in the local area. Thank you to everyone involved in the care of me and my baby.

NHS Choices - November 2014


"Amazing service and support provided for both pre/post natal"

I was admitted for induction in Joan Booker ward at 5pm on 11th of October and was very carefully and precisely explained about the 3 stages of induction procedure by the duty midwife who then induced me and tried to make me as comfortable as possible.I was monitored for an hour for contractions and baby's heart beat then and once more post midnight.

At 4am the propess fell off and I informed the next duty midwife who took over and checked me for dilation and inserted a new one and said I was 4cm dilated and immediately called the labour ward and booked me a room and asked me to inform my partner to arrive.

Earlier the midwife had also helped me with the tens machine and during shifting to the labour ward helped carry all my belongings as I was in pain. In the labour ward all the midwives and doctors were extremely helpful throughout my labour and explained to me and my partner every procedure carefully.

Even after the birth the support provided was amazing be if for breastfeeding or checking on my stitches and the care provided during the overnight stay.

I am extremely thankful to each and every midwife/doctor present during that day. It's because of them I had a very smooth delivery.

NHS Choices - October 2014


"Labour ward and HDU were amazing"

After a somewhat dramatic birth on 20th September we couldnt have paid for better care. The doctors were professional, approachable and made the situation so much better. The midwife team whom sadly I did not catch their names looked after us on HDU and the Maternity Assistants went above the call of duty and genuinely cared for us and, despite a traumatic birth, the way the night team cared for us made it a positive experience. We will never forget the kindness of the the whole team that night and we felt the care was second to none.

I also found the Breast Feeding team incredibly helpful and informative and the Maternity Assistant on the Breast Feeding team really assisted me and gave me information that I was not given elsewhere.

I would definitely rate this unit and the staff on the ward and am so grateful for the help we received.

NHS Choices - September 2014


"Amazing birth experience"

At about 34 weeks pregnant I made the decision to move to St Peters because our local hospital was in special measures.

From the very first appointment until being discharged after the birth, the care I received was second to none.

The staff all work as a team and every small detail is looked after and all promises are kept. I was also under the care of a member of staff in the Birth Reflections team due to a previous traumatic birth and her advice and care helped me feel confident in having a natural birth.

For the birth, despite being amazingly quick, the midwives all followed my birth plan and again worked as a well organised team. Special thanks are also due to the midwife who led the birth, she was incredible.

Post natal care was also excellent and despite the huge number of births that take place at the hospital we were made to feel important and individually cared for.

NHS Choices - July 2014


"A fantastic experience"

All midwifes were looking after me in a great way.I could not expect more of care and attention.

A big thank you!

NHS Choices - July 2014


"Labour ward and Abbey Birth Centre"

First of all huge thank you St Peters for the safe delivery of our wonderful baby girl. From the reassurance at each scan to the birth and after care I was extremely satisfied with the hospital and community midwives as well as the link up between the two.

The beautiful Abbey Birth centre is a great place to have your child but just bear in mind it is totally hands off so only for the very confident first time mum - to be completely honest I was happier with how things progressed once on the main labour ward where the midwives took a more hands on approach to getting baby out!

That said in both places the care was exemplary and the hospital was clean and well equipped. St. Peter's a credit to the NHS, thanks to all the staff but especially the most inspirational midwife with a magic touch.

NHS Choices - June 2014


"Maternity, first class"

Have to give credit where credit is due, my daughter was admitted on the 20/5/14 after her appointment in the maternity wing as she had protein in her water, she was near her term time.

I cannot praise the staff enough for all the help and support she received from the moment she arrived upstairs, I as a parent was in the background just watching and noticing all the staff from the doctors, midwives, nurses and reception staff right down to the cleaning and catering staff going about their duties.

My daughter who is still an inpatient as she only gave birth to my grandson Noah Holley yesterday was and continues to be looked after brilliantly and myself who stayed overnight in the labour ward waiting room was brought tea and biscuits and kept informed right the way through a difficult night for our family.

I did mention to the head of midwifery how good her staff were and hopefully she passed this on if not, I hope this filters down to them. I can only say thank you again.

NHS Choices - May 2014


"Amazing from the get go"

I was admitted to the Joan booker maternity ward after a routine check with the midwife who said that I had the start of pre-eclampsia. A decision was made for me to be induced as I was already 39 weeks. From the get go I was looked after at such a high standard of care. I was personally escorted to the Joan booker ward where I was cared for by a lovely midwife. She had an outstanding level of care for all of her patients on the ward and made me in particular feel comfortable and at ease as I was unsure of what lies ahead.

My waters broke on Tuesday and the midwife personally took me to the labour ward where I met my two midwives in charge of looking after me for the following 12 hours. These two ladies made me feel at ease, answered all of my questions and took away all of the worries that I had about the process that lies ahead. They stayed with me during their entire shift. They also looked after my mum and my husband who were my birthing partners. They also made sure that my mother-in-law and my dad who were waiting in the waiting room of the labour ward overnight were supplied with tea, coffee and biscuits and kept them updated of any information on my progress. I went a long time with no pain relief but after being examined I wasn't labouring as quickly as they would've liked me to so the decision was made by a doctor for me to go on the hormone drip and an epidural was advised.

Now an epidural was never on my birth plan so I was nervous and almost felt like I'd failed in giving birth to my son because I thought I was taking the easy way out. They sat me down held my hand and told that this wasn't the case and she'd seen how hard I'd worked in the hours previous and said now it's time to take a little rest with an epidural and get my son out safely. It wasn't like having two midwives or two doctors in the room who were just doing a job, it was like having two friends in there. They told me that I have nothing to be disappointed about and I have not failed at all.

Unfortunately my son didn't make his appearance during their 12 hour shift so they handed my care over to another student nurse who were again outstanding ladies who helped me in the last two hours of labour. I ended up having to go to theatre and have my baby delivered by ventouse and obviously myself and my family were very nervous about this as it wasn't part of the plan but they made everything seem okay and helped me to understand what the next part of the procedure would be and promised that they would stay next to me in theatre to hold my hand.

On Wednesday, 21 May at 9:59 am I gave birth to my beautiful son Noah Holley. I cannot express how amazing the care I received was. If it wasn't for my midwives it would never of done it and for them I am eternally grateful. Please pass on my thanks to them.

NHS Choices - May 2014


"St Peters, outstanding service throughout ..."

I've suffered with a life long phobia of blood tests & pain and have put off trying for a baby until last year (I'm 40).

With the amazing 9-month long support from the St Peter's Maternity Abbey Wing team (Screening Midwife, Anesthetists, Birth Reflection Consultant, Obstetricians & Surgeons), I managed to conquer my fears day by day, resulting in my son being born in April 2014.

Absolutely every member of staff whom I came into contact with took the time to listen & understand my phobias. They explained each next step clearly & let me decide when I was ready to progress with my next stage of care.

I can not praise the St Peter's maternity team highly enough - they have changed my life!

NHS Choices - April 2014


"Maternity care was excellent"

The birth of my daughter at St. Peter's was a wonderful experience. The facilities in the birthing pool room were fantastic - like being in a private hospital and the midwives were absolutely amazing.

Any nervous expectant mums should feel reassured that St. Peter's maternity department will provide excellent care.

NHS Choices - February 2014


"Birth reflection"

I would like to thank all the staff at St Peter's hospital for the wonderful care that I received when I gave birth to my three children, now 8, 5 and 10 months.

I was very anxious about giving birth for the third time as I had complications with my second child and I was referred to Birth Reflection, where I was supported by a wonderful midwife and person.

When I gave birth for the third time in December 2012, I was looked after by a fantastic midwife who was very caring and supportive throughout the whole labour. I can't thank her enough for her help and professionalism.

NHS Choices - October 2013


"Great hospital and staff"

My wife gave birth at St Peters and over the course of the pregnancy we visited the hospital on a number of occasions.

We attended one of the Antenatal classes here instead of going to one of the NCT ones due to the cost. It was a really good course, it was very informative and interesting and I felt aimed at the right level (covering lots of info without becoming boring) we were always free to ask questions during the class or during the breaks.

My wife gave birth on the 14th Dec the rooms were very clean and the staff very attentive during the birth. Afterwards she was able to have a shower and was brought food and drink soon after, we did stay up in the delivery ward longer than normal but I think its always important to remember that the staff do get very busy at times and you may not always be the top priority (it is a hospital not a hotel!)

Unfortunately a few days after leaving hospital we had to come back again via Paediatric A&E and then stayed on Ash Ward for 4 days. As well as the wonderful medical care we received what really struck us was how the staff all seemed to genuinely care about our son and us. Whenever there was a change of staff they introduced themselves and were always willing to spend time explaining the care our son was receiving and were happy to answer our questions. The midwives continued to come and see my wife daily in hospital and she was given excellent support to help with breast feeding.

I also feel the parking at the hospital is very well managed, free parking may be nice but charging ensures there is sufficient space for everyone. If you are staying at the hospital a £20 weekly ticket is available and there are also reductions for specific patients.

Based on our experience I couldn't rate the hospital high enough.
NHS Choices - Jan 2013


"Fabulous Community Midwife Care"

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the community midwifery teams. I had a planned home birth on the 27/12/2012 and have been so pleased with the care i have received. From the moment i said i wanted a home birth, the community midwives have been so supportive of my choice. For me home birth has been such a positive experience and I really appreciate all the care and support of all the midwives i have met.
NHS Choices - Jan 2013


"Brilliant Birth Experience"

I gave birth to my baby girl Alexandra on 1st December 2012 at St Peters Hospital in Chertsey. I would like to say "thank you" to all the members of staff at the Maternity Unit there. I had fantastic experience and my little daughter and I received exceptional care from all the team at St Peter's. The midwives, nurses, doctors etc. were all so professional, kind and helpful at all times. The three of us (including my husband) were looked after and had amazing experience from Triage trough the labour/birthing process to the service at the postnatal ward.

We would like to particularly say "thank you" to a particular midwife who made us feel special.

"You are special to us too and we will never forget these incredible moments. We are very grateful and do appreciate your service/efforts to introduce our daughter Alexandra to us and to the wide world. Thank You So Much!"
NHS Choices - Jan 2013


"A truly wonderful team of dedicated, conscientious and professional midwives"

From Triage to birthing midwives the service my daughter received at Ashford & St Peters hospital was second to none. The staff were informative and encouraging with no questions or queries too small even from the expectant grandmother (myself). A truly wonderful team of dedicated, conscientious and professional midwives.
NHS Choices - Oct 2012


"Very good, highly professional and dedicated staff"

Very helpful and professional staff who went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I received exceptional care from several specific members of staff and found the multi-disciplinary team- working environment very effective. Overral I received fantastic care as have many of my other friends who also used the maternity services at St Peters.
NHS Choices - Feb 2011

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